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Terrie Hall is a mixed-media artist, painter, designer, and grandma living and working in Colorado.

Terrie has always been involved with art.  She grew up influenced by her uncle, artist and floral designer Maloy Love, which led her to create her home-based business, painting and selling clothing with a southwestern motif under the name Temporary Insanity.  Her designs were sold throughout the western states in places such as Aspen, Vail, Jackson Hole, Scottsdale, Santa Fe, and Disneyland.



After her kids were grown, Terrie returned to school, earning a degree in Interior Design.  She ran her business, T. Hall Interiors, for 20 years, receiving many awards for her work.

Later in life, Terrie found herself living in La Paz, Mexico, where she walked into a print studio and found teachers and friends for life.  Working with El Pinche Grabador and La Reyna Sofia, Terrie learned the finer arts of linocut and other printmaking and painting techniques.  When it came to painting, she learned to layer, layer, layer!  After studying art for 3 years on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, Terrie returned to Colorado, infused with the colors and energy of her experience in Mexico.  

After spending a lifetime gathering supplies and experiences, she now commits to a daily art practice which channels her inner angels and demons into creative play.  Art is her meditation. It is her place to heal and process and grow. Art is where she claims herself and steps into the world. Abstract, colorful, bold, and sometimes messy, she puts herself into every piece she creates. She is here now and she wants you to join her on her journey. 


"Real Me: Truth"

"Real Me: Lie"


"Real Me: Party"


"Real Me: Cowgirl"


"Real Me: Peace"


"Real Me: PTSD"

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